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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Travelling in winter

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winter crossing though the gulf island in the strait of Georgia from Victoria to Vancouver on the mainland

Next to Vancouver Island my next favourite place just happens to be where my brother lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, between the two lakes, embraced by the mountains and the meeting place of the winds.
They actually enjoy winter there and it was lovely to get away from the damp fog of the west coast with it's rainy storms and head into the interior of BC where they have fog too in winter (because of the lakes) but it is a frosty fog!!

morning fog lamp

and so we headed off on a misty morning to the mountains close by, passing fields and sleeping orchards, cows and horses grazing as the sun shone through the fog illuminating the landscape,  and onward, down graceful roads until

we come to The red bridge
and finally we see snow!!!

Kato's spirit runs free here through the trees
and along the creek

Apex Mountain!!!
but  no fresh snowfall as it has been warm this winter.  The lodge is a great place to have lunch and a pint. As you watch the skiers and snowboarders in graceful glide down the course it has a zen feeling of peace through motion.

The beautiful ice skating path

I post processed this photo to look like an illustration from a fairy tale but it looked like that anyway!!


  1. Cybele,
    These frosty photos are lovely. There is something oddly comforting about winter fog, the thick blanket of cloud cover that muffles our walks through it, filling our lungs with crispness. Yesterday, we finished at dusk and it was eerie indeed, but strangely peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing these photos and your commentary.

  2. hi Cybele... have you thought about putting a "Like" or "+1" button on your blog posts? It's a great way for visitors to give you a shoutout.