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Mayan Journey and Yucatan

follow the link to the first chapter of  my Mayan Trek

In the Jaws of Kukulkan

Pyramid of Kukulkan

royal palace at Sayil

Temple of the wizard at Uxmal

link to Yucutan Journey

1 comment :

  1. The royal Palace at Sayil appeals to me very much where i can sit in the dying sun and close my eyes, with the idea of worshipping those whose pagan hearts were as brutal as they were colourful.
    These photos lead me from a white sandy beach covered with blue sea i could literally die in. Its sublime.......
    To the wonders of historical building. We forget with out engineers and machines of today how hard it is to make one single block of stone to fit another.
    If apocalypse ever hits our world who will know how to make a stone block with nothing but the litter of chaos left behind.
    Then when we know we need metal- how do we get it from the earth...........these people lived it and did it. With fabulous results still standing today.
    Your world is so pleasing to delve into and enjoy........what a treat