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London and Salisbury

These are a just a few of my impressions of London though we saw much more like regular tourists,  Westminster Abbey, the palace of Parliament,  the reconstructed Globe theatre, Trafalgar Square, Princess Diana's Memorial Walk  and the hunting lodge of Henry VIII, which is practically smack in the middle of modern London now. Oh and my daughter hung out at Camden with a few friends.  The Shard and the London Eye stand out in modern contrast as well. London is famous for it's sights which all can be seen on many websites.

 The London Eye

on the Thames with Keith

                                     Big Ben strikes 9:00

Brook Street where Jimmy Hendrix lived

London Bridge is actually Tower Bridge

Boudicca and her daughters

 typical tourists!!

The Tower with the moat and traitor's gate to the tower now called Sir Thomas (Moore) tower. It gave me shivers imagining what it must have been like to have been held here awaiting your fate, like Thomas Moore, Anne Askew, Ann Boleyn, Catherine Howard and many. You had to pay your executioner to do a good job and forgive him the deed as well.
Traitor's Gate

crossing over to St. Paul's

Peter, we're flying!!
(atop the London Eye)

the shard in distance

 Hunting Lodge of Henry VIII

Buckingham Palace

Windsor Castle but no tea with her majesty, she's at Balmoral in Scotland.

Across the Salisbury Plain 

A mysterious monument, how was it built? What was it used for and who were the builders? It staggers the imagination and makes you realize the mystery of time. A blink of the cosmic eye.

Baptismal font
Salisbury Cathedral

Medieval town of  Salisbury

our dining spot
We stayed right around the corner here at Earl's Court

link to Paris

1 comment :

  1. Excellent pictures. Great places seen. The capital of London i adore and so any photos are so pleasing to me. The Salisbury plain ive never visited but so wish i had.
    The busy metropolis and the wide open space of pagan earth showing few humans makes me long for a time when the world was much less populated.
    The Great British Telephone Box shot is brilliant fun.........many are gone and replaced with plastic acrylic booths now you cant see like you could the red.

    The addition of B&W images too works so well as they give off a haunting feel to the pictures.