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more Beautiful British Columbia

Because I live in BC and on the coast I am prejudiced. British Columbia has everything, mountains, ocean, rainforests, mighty and treacherous rivers like the Fraser, lakes and  fertile valleys and semi arid ranchlands of the Okanagan, wine growing country and orchards,  stretching from close to the arctic circle to the 51st parallel. The weather can be a bit iffy. I love the forests and beaches of Vancouver Island.

Travelling on BC Ferries

gulf island fire

Bridal Falls on mainland

MacMillan Forest Cathedral Grove

Englishman River Falls

Goldstream Park on the Malahat

BC Interior

The Okanagan in the Interior of BC is wine country and rich in lakes,orchards and farms. Semi arid it has cold winters and hot summers,  plenty of skiing in winter and lots of water sports in summer with many lakes two of which are the great Okanagan and Skaha. The Okanagan has the legendary Ogopogo that has been sighted occasionally and appears to be similar to the Loch Ness Monster who perhaps deep beneath the earth swims those "caverns measureless to man" between Scotland and the west coast of Canada, which as a matter of interest was a destination of many intrepid Scots (explorers like Alexander MacKenzie and those seeking their fortunes like coal baron Dunsmuir) in the early years of the frontier province.


Okanagan Valley off the Coquahalla Hwy

Hill on Fire

                                                                        Vancouver Island

Forest macro Queen

Port Renfrew and Avatar Grove
Vancouver Island

Birch trees just  before twilight
near China Beach


Botany Bay, Port Renfrew

Liquid Gold at Gold River Beach
Forest Cathedral 

entrance to Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew

More Visual Feast

Swan Lake Nature Reserve, Victoria BC

Autumn Hymn


 From my hill 

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  1. The world of Canada is always shown to be such wondrous beauty. Here i am not disappointed with its tall slim trees reaching for the stars. The world of canopy and earthy ground beneath skies of stars at night and the sun in daylight.
    You capture it all and an oasis in a bottle. Stunning work, beautiful country and talented creator of pictures.