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So we arrive by the Eurostar through the chunnel ( my ears went wonky!) to the City of Lights
and Love ( not to mention wine and great food!!)

we are here!!

It took us a day to get our bearings here with the subways and language, before my French kicked in, we are supposedly a bilingual country in Canada! 

Montmartre, our hotel was nearby

climbing to heaven

Sacre Coeur,the most breathtaking and beautiful of all churches but sadly no photos are allowed.

we took advantage of the "hop on- hop off" tour buses that run every 15 minutes. You can buy an all day ticket for 15 euros ( approx)

 Notre Dame de Paris, be prepared to fight the crowds and queues which are almost claustrophobic and I must confess in the unusually hot weather this summer Paris didn't always smell very nice

My favourite Saint, Jeanne d'Arc

Ste. Chapelle - a jewel box!!
Both Notre Dame and Ste. Chapelle are found on Ile de la Cite in the middle of the Seine

The Louvre!
We did not get to see the Louvre this time around, very long lineups and unbearable heat. Next time online tickets are a must!

The Catacombs of Paris, and Pere Lachaise Cemetery

This necropolis is full of the bones of emptied graveyards  going back to the 1700's, including many who died of plague,  placed carefully and reverently five stories below ground in this immense vault. It takes an hour to go through it. Not for the faint of heart!


walls of skulls and bones and she's texting again!!!

Tree lined avenues of Pere Lachaise 
which turned out quite refreshing on a hot day

Famous graves including Voltaire, Piaf, - philosophers, singers, writers and statesmen

Oscar Wilde, still controversial. They had to encase in glass his tomb as people kept marking it with lipstick kisses. He is one of my favourite writers.

offerings and grafitti included

 Champagne on top of the Tour Eiffel!!

Au revoir a Paris

Non, je ne regrette rien!!- Piaf


  1. My heart still leaves its trace over the water in france.
    The beauty of its engaging language and friendly people who always make you welcome no matter who you are.
    The world of the dead is revered for its posterity and historical value in Pere Lachaise Cemetiere.
    Here i wandered and pondered on the poetry and prose offered by many interred. By music played and singing, dancing and acting fame.
    Not all of todays making.
    You show Isadora Duncan a dancer of such repute and died in such an odd sublime accident with her scarf wrapped round a Bugatti back wheel or so they say.
    Jim Morrisons grave has been defiled so many times, broken , graffiti and kisses like Oscar Wilde.
    There should be respect for the dead but still we think we can trample all over it..........
    Oscar Wilde......a man who wrote the most risque of stories and told them with a flair of passion and a heart torn between his homosexuality and his marriage and wife with sons who he loved dearly.
    His writings are also dear to me too.

    The catacombs are amazing, ive never seen such thing and so would enjoy wandering the sites you show us with a camera and high decibel personal alarm just in case one of the inmates decided to wake at that time.
    What a great travel companion you must make.......

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for taking me back to my days in Paris, it was the best trip of my life. Beautiful photos!!.

    1. you are very welcome Carla!! C'est un belle ville!!!