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Monday, February 13, 2012

Descent into a magical Cavern at Dzitnup

Caves, caverns and cenotes were sacred to the Mayan, and the transition points between the physical and the spiritual world,  - today cenotes are more like local swimming holes but still enchanting.

This was all I had imagined!
Not too far from Valladolid and the most mysterious and beautiful of all cenotes.

Yes, I swam in the very cool waters where little blind catfish dart around your toes! Dipping my feet in slowly I felt it must be a similar experience to entering the sacred waters of the Ganges in India.

You can find transportation to both Ek Balam and Dzitnup at two separate taxi stands on Calle 44. Ek Balam taxi is 2 blocks north of C39 and Dzitnup a block or two south toward C 41.

Again the bus station to Chichen Itza! and where I learn more about Mayan spirituality.

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