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Friday, February 17, 2012

My Mayan Quest and Journey to the Yucatan 2012

In the Jaws of Kukulkan 

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I arrived at my hotel in Cancun very tired after the flight and late in the afternoon but by the next day I was eager to explore. At one of the many tourist kiosks I found that there was a small archaelogical site at Punta Sam that was easy to get to by public bus so I girded myself with backpack, camera and spanish phrase book and boarded the Ruta 1 bus to my destination. It turned out to be a lovely site, off the beaten path and with the added attraction of few tourists.  Don't forget to always bring (bottled) water with you wherever you go and comfortable shoes.

 El Meko

A contemporary inhabitant

 One Visitor of three there that day (one was the iguana)

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1 comment :

  1. The greenery of grass is something we walk on and think little of. BUT in the days of the tribes of this forgotten place they too walked on similar grasses and felt the wonder of foliage on earthy ground.
    The Iguana is a great picture, mainly because he is a little tubby thing and not as lithe as i expect them to be. Perhaps she is she and egg bound ?
    The idea of going off on a bus in England phases me and they speak my language but in a place off the beaten track and armed only with my backpack - i find it a brave and courageous thing to do.
    The photo with no tourists makes me think it was worth it.
    But for you and your journeys i would not visit these places. i have many books but still its good to read of others stories.