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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Merida is another bustling colonial town, and bigger than Valladolid. The streets are narrow and crowded and even at cross walks cars always seem to have the right of way. In the spacious square the Cathedral is the focal point and the plaza itself is full of  trees and flowers as well as people socializing, relaxing  or selling goods. Surrounding the park  are many shops and cafes. Policemen blow their whistles frequently as they direct traffic in this part of the city.
 I browsed a bookstore and bought the English version of the Popol Vuh (one of the few surviving codices of Mayan written literature) and spent time in a beautiful art gallery and bought an opal pendant representing a stylized  Kukulkan.  The churches are beautiful and some of them are a fusion of Mayan and Catholic tradition.

 "On to La Ruta Puuc and the Lol tun caves"

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