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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Magnificent Lol tun

Descent into Xibalba

Olmec mask



Caverns measureless to man
 Lol tun  means flower stone. Sacred to the Mayan since pre classic times it was the crown of my journey to this region. Caves were doorways to the terrible underworld called Xibalba but also the place where life began according to their mythology and where the hero twins defeated the lords of the underworld in a ball game. There are signatures of hand prints on the walls of this cavern where areas are still being opened up as more is discovered.  My guide was Pablo who showed me the musical stalactites that played an om like melody in two tones when struck with the palm of the hand.
I must have pleased the gods as I emerged unscathed and pondering the rituals and and terrifying visions the ancient Mayans must have experienced in this mysterious and dark portal of life and death, creation and destruction.
 This site is harder to get to than most but worth every bug bite as well as sore feet.  Wear good hiking or running shoes and bring Deet spray. This site is part of a tour called La Ruta Puuc out of Merida but only leaves on certain days and only if there are enough people (min of four). Fortune again smiled as my group  only had three (myself and  a lovely Spanish couple)  but was a go ahead anyway. Next time I will check into a possible bus ride there. 
I felt blessed to have completed the quests I had set out for myself when I planned this trip and there was still more to come.
intrepid spelunker

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